What is a good relationship? Everyone has a different answer. Some people think it’s having the same outlook and not getting tired of getting along with each other, while others think it’s accomplishing each other. And I think that the best relationship is better than: having someone around who understands you.

Understanding, is the identity of the concept; understanding, is the heart of the connection.
The person who loves you must understand you, he understands all your tears and laughter, understands your pretending to be strong, understands your silence.
True love needs no words, you understand his ecstatic, he understands your forced smile, mutual trust, each other.
The best tacit understanding in the world, as Rikas said, is not someone who understands what you mean beyond words, but someone who understands what you want to say and then stop.
If someone understands what you can’t say, it’s the happiest thing. When everyone is blinded by your smile, he will see the pain in your eyes.
The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Because of empathy, so you are misunderstood, accompanied by you through every low point.
This person, not necessarily perfect, but he can enter the depths of your heart, can read you, will always be by your side, guarding you, heartache you, do not let you suffer.
If the heart knows each other, no words also tacit understanding; love if the love, no words also pity. The best feelings, both sides understand, but do not have to say it.
May you meet someone who understands you, and may the one you understand also understand you and cherish you!

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