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In life, we are always eager to explain to others what kind of person we are and what kind of things we have done, for fear that others may have misunderstandings about us. But in fact, this kind of explanation is pale and powerless. As the saying goes, those who know me are worried about me, and those who don’t know me are asking me for something. Understand you do not need to explain, and people who do not understand you will not believe any of your explanation.
Many times, the explanation also needs to cost. Instead of wasting time unnecessarily, it is better to concentrate on what you have decided.
Go your own way, no need to explain

There is nothing more important in a person’s life than living it on their own terms. Choose to be true to yourself and choose to act according to your heart.
If you always want to prove to others, always eager to explain yourself, then you have lost to your own obsession.
And, sometimes it’s hard enough just to be yourself, so why bother yourself and let other people’s voices sway your life?
In any extreme environment, people will have at least one kind of freedom, and that is the freedom to choose their own attitude.
Whether you are faced with others’ lack of understanding, or are in an unfriendly environment, you can choose to laugh it off.
There is no need to be presumptuous or busy catering to others.
Life is a journey to meet the cold-eyed ridicule, the wind forward, and your body those different angles, will become your most powerful armor.
We are always used to explaining ourselves to outsiders, but often forget how we see ourselves.
However, people live a life to be themselves, not to explain themselves.
When you want to stick to your principles and not compromise, others talk behind your back, pretending to be noble; when you want to quit playing games and study hard, your roommate splashes cold water, don’t struggle, it’s three minutes of heat again.
When you want to learn a musical instrument on a whim, or want to buy a unique taste, others can’t wait to label you as “pseudo-literary”.
You express your appreciation for a celebrity in front of people because of his deeds, but your friends say that celebrities are all for show ……
Sometimes, powerless explanations will make you find people as far away from each other as the sky.
The other person a negative look, a disdainful attitude, will let you take great pains to explain into thin air.
Gradually, you will learn to stop explaining yourself for the sake of others.
No one can make everyone happy with themselves, so it is enough for you to work hard to become a better version of yourself according to what you think inside.
As Yataro Matsuura said, “People are inevitably influenced by things around them, but I want my motivation for everything I do to be spontaneous and to be in control of the things that concern me.”
Summer insects cannot speak ice, people have different views and backgrounds, and what you and others understand is often not on the same level.
Some times, to explain to people who do not understand you, just a waste of breath. So, it’s not that you’re not good enough, you just haven’t met the right person.
Liu Tong wrote this paragraph: before always go to explain to the theory, is afraid, afraid of offending people, afraid of being extinguished, afraid of those small feelings that keep leaping. Now not to explain, not to theory, or afraid, afraid of wasting their time, afraid of blurring their focus, afraid to affect the appetite for tasting the present life.
Life really does not need too many explanations, from now on, you need to have the awareness to insist on being yourself, to learn to spend time on what you want to do.
Only then, in the end, you can say that this life is not in vain.

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