I can no longer explain my love for you


Anonymous2018-10-13Emotional Articles
Meet people who are sincere to you and learn to shine your heart. Meet the people you love, learn to give. Meet the people who love you, learn to be grateful.
The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the person who is holding you when your face is aging. When you have nothing, the heart that is with you. Happiness is actually very simple, is to find a warm person to spend the rest of your life together.

Love is easy, and we are all too selfish, in love only to see how much they give, but ignore each other also in silence to give.
The person who can be with you for life is: understand your past and tolerate your present, and create a common future together.
The most important thing is that the person who is in love with you is the one who understands your past and tolerates your present and creates a common future together. The silent, not necessarily heartless. The simple possession, the most at ease.
Two people together, the most important thing is mutual understanding, mutual support, is the tolerance and heartache of the other half.
It is destiny that you meet and know each other, then cherish the person who is with you and gives silently.
What is love? It is sad to warm each other, is to become each other’s dependence, is to be mutual heartache, there is a response of love is the most real love.
Feelings are always mutual, only mutual understanding can go further and further.
Life is very short, cherish those who truly love you.
A person is worth your life to like, not to see how good he can be to you, but to see how bad he can be to you when he is in a bad mood.
The home is the business of two people, you can understand his hard work, he can heartily pay you.
That’s how to spoil each other and be considerate of each other to be happy and permanent.
I believe that the truest love is that you are willing to go for her that you love, to change, to grow, to give.
In fact, sometimes we want a care, just want to love our people willingly for their own pay, the most real feel each other’s love.
The cornerstone of love is mutual pain, if only one side of a single request, the other side of a single pay, love the tall building will tilt, or even collapse.
The so-called love, two people in love with each other to accommodate and change, the world was not born suitable for two people.
The two people who know how to cherish each other, know how to tolerate each other, and two people working in the same direction, this is the love that can work together for life.
Do you have a lover who loves each other like this? If so, welcome to share it with him and say your love.

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