The years are silent, true love is eternal


Almost everyone has heard, “do not forget the original heart, then get always”, but few people remember the next sentence “the original heart is easy to get, always difficult to keep”.
A lot of feelings, when the love is deep, but in the wood and salt tends to dull, all kinds of contradictions.
The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have a good deal of time to get together and get bored.
When love has passed its shelf life, there is no longer a sense of freshness, two people will understand more complete, real each other, and then face each other’s various shortcomings, various shortcomings, when each other’s eyes are no longer perfect, there will be a variety of complaints.
Life is not easy, many people often accuse their loved ones of not being considerate enough, complaining that their loved ones always make them angry and tired, but rarely care about each other’s worries and emotions. So, from suspicion to picking the nose and eyes, unknowingly became each other’s “bad judge”.
I don’t know how much forgiveness there is in the relationship, it will accumulate how much aggravation.
If you can’t control your mood, those who blurt out the blame, the most likely to hurt each other’s feelings, but also easy to hurt each other’s hearts, so that the feelings of a rift, the previous romantic warmth is gone.
Romain Rolland said, “Resentment ignites enmity, open-mindedness regains hope.”
The contradictions in the relationship are just differences of opinion and uncontrollable emotions, so it is better to say one more word than one less, replace the complaints with statements of concern, replace the accusatory tone with a euphemism.
There are urgent matters, calm down and slowly say, hope that the other correct things, with a humorous tone of voice well said, easy to hurt each other, do not easily say, two people, discuss the matter. Only stand in each other’s perspective to understand Ta’s anxiety, soothe Ta’s anxiety, in order to add warmth to life.
It is not easy to meet to love each other, why should we be calculating, everywhere in between.
There is no perfect soul in this world, and everything will not be as it should be, when getting along, a little more patience, save some touch, learn to tolerate and be content, you will find that happiness is really not that difficult.
In a relationship, respect is more important than love, and not complaining is the grandest of favors.
Only your mutual gratitude, mutual recognition, you can understand Ta’s yin and yang, Ta would like to guide your round, you can find life’s flowers good, Ta would like to take you to the full moon, each other tolerance, each other’s achievements, in order to feel all the beauty of the world of feelings.

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