I don’t know if you’ve ever had this feeling, when you’re young and ignorant, you always feel that you can love someone as long as you are passionate, as long as you go forward regardless, you can love until the end of time.
But slowly grow up, love a few people, experienced a few feelings only to find that many people were touched by the phrase “I prefer to force”, not moved by the rampant enthusiasm, but because of the real life, reluctant to come too many people.
After all, most people only later understand that too much reluctance of people and things that do not last.
Think of my former company once happened such a thing. Girls and boys are colleagues in the same department, because in the new staff orientation will be divided into a group to do the game, the girl fell in love with the boy at first sight.
Office romance this kind of thing, for some people means awkward and ambiguous, for the bold people means near the water to get the moon.
The girl inquired about the boy or single, they managed to get each other’s WeChat, by the way under the guise of exchange of work began frequent contact.
The boy is the answer to the question of work. But once the topic involves feelings ah, life ah, preferences ah these private issues, the boy will politely avoid.

The girl almost shed tears after reading it, but just quiet for a while, and like nothing had happened, the exchange of work, almost put ” I’m chasing you ” four words written on the brain.
Now think about it, the girl at that time with a kind of ” I want to force ” wishful thinking, think that one day can impress each other, the iron tree blossom it.
But the result of wishful thinking is a willingness to gamble and lose, is that the boy rejected her again and again, and then chose to transfer out of the department. And then, it is a discouraged girl completely let go, choose to leave.
Hormonal secretion is a particularly amazing thing, some people just look at it and like it, there are some people who can’t like it no matter how good they are to you.
There is a particularly vulgar saying that people who really love you do not need to be forced, and those who do not love you why bother to force. The actual fact is that you will not be able to get a good deal on your own.
The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not in love with you. ”
The first time I listened to it, I did not understand, since the heart knows that the other party does not love you enough, and why bother to be together? The first time I heard it, I didn’t understand that love can make people obsessed.
” You do not love me enough, it does not matter, as long as I know enough to obey, give enough, you will definitely see, will definitely be impressed by me, right? ”
That ” he will love me ” obsession, not want to cut off can be cut off, you the night before as much as vow to forget each other, the next day wake up to see each other WeChat immediately soft into a puddle of water.
In fact, you just use a heart full of holes, to wait for a ” he does not love me ” the end is just.
Love is actually a one-way street, only with the same frequency, towards the same direction of the two people, to go hand in hand, to the end.
The people who are not right after all, just briefly met for a period of time, and then each towards their own direction sailed.
If you are destined to go in different directions, why do you have to force each other to stop? If it is harder to hold on than to let go, then let go.
Some people can meet is very good, even if it does not work out, the result will not be too tragic. So, no need to force, and no need to entangle, the future of the road, you do not look back, I also walk well.
In this world, no one and nothing is worthy of your reluctance to do, they are not worthy, but you are.

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