The years are silent, true love is eternal


The wind can not understand the wandering of the clouds, the sand can not understand the expanse of the sea, the sky can not understand the despondency of the rain, I can not not understand the tiredness in your eyes.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.
Do you know how to feel sorry for someone? Do you know the bitterness in the heart of a person who has no one to feel sorry for?
No one heartache people, how cold and bitter behind the smile, how much helplessness and difficulties deep inside, do you know these?
When faced with a person who does not know how to feel, sometimes, we are like fish in a fishbowl, want to say a lot, once opened into a string of ellipses, and finally all silently left in the heart.
In fact, many times, it is not that we do not want to show our wounds to anyone, do not want to tell the grievances to the outside, just look, there is no one to hurt, said, no one can understand, it is better to endure alone in silence.
Many times, we are not afraid of the storms brought about by life, but only when the storm is coming, the loneliness and confusion of being ignored by your loved ones, not afraid of the difficulties and bumps in the road of life, but only when faced with difficulties, the helplessness and desolation of being forgotten by the world.
Time is going, age is growing, know more, see through more and more, we understand more and more: happiness is crying when someone hurts, tired when someone to lean on, sick when someone with, happiness is to have a person who loves and cares for themselves.
The person who loves you will pay serious attention to your words and actions, your every move can touch Ta’s heart, and even, Ta than you also love yourself.
The person who loves you, will be in your need to fight alongside you, not cold-eyed look at your thorns and thorns, ignore, but for your advice, to help you solve difficulties together.
The person who cares about you will see your vulnerability under the strong, know you long to be cared for heart, Ta will give you comfort, give you a hug, worry about you hungry, afraid of you tired, trying to take care of you.
The person who cares for you will be the first to take the lead when you are aggrieved, with Ta’s broad chest, to withstand all kinds of wind and rain, to save you from being frightened, to save you from suffering, to save you from having no branch to rely on.
A thousand words, but also can not resist a person know you warm and cold know, promise countless, but also can not resist a person from the heart of the pain.
The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.
The actual fact is that you will be able to find out more about the actual situation.
The rest of your life, I hope you find the right person for you, know each other, and live the life you want.

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