Holding in the hands, sweet in the heart


I want, when I’m lonely and helpless, to have someone to call me, to talk to me, to let me know I’m not alone.
This is more interesting to me than any movie, more real than any book, can make me feel warm.
Because I can feel that that person, although not around, although not touchable, but the heart is always holding me.
What I want, a usual greeting, a simple command. Have you arrived home yet? Work is very hard, right! Eat more! Although there are only a few words, but my heart is warm.
I promise that I will not get tired of hearing such words from you, and I will not get bored. A sentence together forever, I will not be afraid of anything, anything can carry.
I do not need your sweet words, nor do I need the promise of the end of the world. I want a warm but firm hug, a hand that can hold me tightly and not let go at will.
I don’t need you to be by my side every moment, you have your own things to do, you need to have your own space.
But I know that one phrase will always echo in my ears: In my eyes, you are my whole world!

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